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About Allan Myers
Allan Myers heads Property Auctions NZ a division of Thornton Auctions. With more than 20 years extensive experience in the real estate industry including the marketing and sales of homes, apartments, land, farms, waterfront property, commercial property and international sales. He has been a property and general Auctioneer since 2007 and his auctioneers gavel has hit the lecturn more than 20,000 times. He is a great supporter of Charity Auctions and community Fundraises and is known in social circles as the ‘Celebrity Auctioneer’ as he brings his own sense of style and panache to make events more entertaining with the result that more money is raised for any worthy cause. He is an Auction trainer and coach and has helped many salespeople in improving their auction marketing skills. He has used his expericence to create a new mulitplatform, auction method with the purpose of turning sellers’ major assets into cash, with a simpler process, greater results and lower costs. Allan says, ‘Teaming up with Alex Dawson at Thornton Auctions was a natural move. Alex was a great mentor for me during my early years of auctioneering and himself is a brilliant and talented auctioneer. For some years I have also watched Alex’s use of technology with live streaming auctions as I have always believed that this was the way of the future now present. With my knowledge in the real estate sector I have crafted our amazing on-line bidding platform to comply with specialist real estate law. The combination of the excitement of live auctions with the power of Internet bidding is an absolute winner for sellers of property or any other item.’